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Oregon Women's Basketball

ASK: Change the fact that the Oregon women's basketball team, the top-ranked team in the Pac-12, has the 47th largest crowd among Division I women's basketball teams.  

STRATEGY: Drive interest in the sport, by driving interest in the players.

WORK: Researched college athletics, the WNBA, and how other sports have leveraged their players' cults of personality. Found an opportunity to reach families looking for role models and prideful Oregon fans looking for new and emerging stars. 

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Jake Wilmink

Project Manager: Madison Hamilton

Strategists: Hannah Lewman, Terrence Lewis, Casey Hickman and Amar Mann

Writers: James Vos

Art Directors: Stacy Yurishcheva and Raquel Ortega

Designers: Henry Ammann

Producers: Tyler Robinson

Media Planners: Jordan Bremer and Leah Kennon